The Helix Nebula - NGC7293

 Astrophotography details:

Film Hypered Agfachrome RSX 100
Telescope/camera Meade LX-200 10"
F-ratio F/10 (Prime focus)
Exposure time 3.5 hours
AutoGuider Meade Pictor 201-XT
Autoguider exposure time 7 seconds
guide star GSC 6391:938, Mag 11.3
Date of Photo 0025 Hours local, 1 July 97
Location Dark site within the White Mountains at the 9200 foot elevation level.
Additional image processing Image was cropped. Difficult object of low surface brightness. Had hoped to see little radial trails on the inner edges of the helix but they did not appear. It was again a windy night and that might have affected the resolution - Then again, those details may be out of reach of a 10" telescope? Will try again in the future.
Posted  8 February 97