The Horsehead Nebula - IC434

  Astrophotography details:

Film Hypered Ektachrome E100S
Telescope/camera Meade LX-200 10"
F-ratio F/6.3 (Meade f/6.3 focal reducer)
Exposure time 2 hours
AutoGuider Meade Pictor 201-XT
Autoguider exposure time 5 seconds
guide star SAO 132469
Date of Photo 0001 Hours local, 9 November 96
Location A dark site 55 miles southwest of Tempe, Arizona
Additional image processing Retouched to remove dust spots that were in digitizer system, color corrected to compensate for Ektachrome E100S film characteristics, and Gamma corrected for esthetical purposes.
Posted  8 February 97