Astrophotography details:

Film Hypered Agfachrome RSX 100
Telescope/camera Meade LX-200 10"
F-ratio F/10 (Prime focus)
Exposure time 2 hours
AutoGuider Meade Pictor 201-XT
Autoguider exposure time 3 seconds
guide star Uncertain
Date of Photo 0001 Hours local, 29 June 97
Location Dark site within the White Mountains at the 9200 foot elevation level.
Additional image processing Cropped.
Posted  July 97

I had originally labeled this as the "Bubble Nebula" since that is how it was listed in Wallis and Provin (1988).  It was pointed out to me that NGC7635 is usually referred to as the Bubble Nebula.  In checking other references, it would appear that the consensus is that the Bubble Nebula is indeed NGC7635...