The Ring Nebula - M57

Astrophotography details:

Film Hypered Ektachrome 400 film
Telescope/camera Meade LX-200 10"
F-ratio F/10 (Prime focus)
Exposure time 90 minutes
AutoGuider Meade Pictor 201-XT
Autoguider exposure time 7 seconds
guide star SAO 67518
Date of Photo 2145 Hours local, 19 July 1996
Location Dark site 55 miles southwest of Tempe
Additional image processing Image was color corrected very slightly and brightness and contrast adjusted. The image has been cropped and expanded. Note the difference in color between this photo and the Ring nebula photo taken with the new Ektachrome 100 Elite II film. I believe the old Ektachrome 400 film is representing the color more accurately than the newer Ektachrome 100 Elite II film.
Posted  8 February 97