I use MegaStar to make star charts to take into the field and to plan my astrophotography schedule for a particular night. MegaStar has the 16 Million Hubble Guide Star Catalog stars, the complete NGC Catalog as well as many other catalogs. The current version displays the Horsehead Nebula as a recognizable horse head and many other objects have accurate outlines in MegaStar. It will also control the telescope. If I had a laptop computer and a CCD camera, I would never have to go outside my motorhome after the initial telescope alignment! (Boy would that be handy out in the Arizona desert on those nights that are so cold that I have to put on a sweatshirt after midnight.)

MegaStar was originally done by Emil at E.L.B. Software.  I am a software engineer by profession and I know a "labor of love" when I see one. MegaStar is a "labor of love".

MegaStar is now available from Willmann-Bell, Inc., P.O. Box 35025, Richmond, Virginia, 23235.  Phone 1-800-825-STAR.
or dial in on and download the free demo copy.

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