Partial Solar Eclipse Gilbert, AZ - 20 May 2011

Gilbert 2011
Partial Solar Eclipse

Click on image to see full movie (1.5 Megabytes) where one frame was shot every 10 seconds using HandyAvi.

You can just barely see some sunspots. I meant for the images to be bigger but had not realized that the webcam had defaulted to 320x240 instead of 640x480...

Tree branches were obscuring the view near the end so what looks like clouds were actually tree branches

Howard with homemade projection device. ETX90 scope, 24mm eyepiece projecting onto paper at bottom of sheet-metal object. Small webcam attached near the eyepiece shoot the image projected on the paper.

Since the scope was not aligned, I had to use the control box to keep the image centered on the paper. Required button pushes every 5 seconds or so...

Passers-by could see the image on the paper.

The approach to the observatory building looking East.

The line to the observatory building looking North.

Person looking through a solar scope on the West side of observatory building.