I revised the Astroshow web site on 3-7 Nov 2011 using DreamWeaver while camped out at Rancho Hildago, NM where I was awaiting completion of my observatory building. I am using Bernard Miller's East Valley Astronomy Club "Remote Observatory Presentation" as a guide as to how to set things up so I can operate my telescopes here at Rancho Hidalgo in Southern New Mexico remotely from my home in Tempe, AZ. Latest Revision: 28 Oct 18.

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To East Valley Astronomy Club on 20 Jan 2012 - An outline of progress:

"AZcendant Observatory".

To East Valley Astronomy Club on 18 Jul 2014 - Astrophotography:

"Astrophotography - What am I Doing" (Powerpoint slides)

Zip file that also contains the presentation and the two
videos that were part of the presentation:
(Powerpoint slides plus two videos)

I have two telescope/camera combinations in my observatory.

    1. Meade LX-200 10" f/6.3 telescope on a standard Meade fork mount with an SBIG SST11000 camera.
    2. Takahashi TOA 130 Apochromatic telescope on a Celestron CGE mount with an SBIG ST4000XCM camera.

If you are looking for my earlier web pages, please go to "Other Pages Home" where my earlier astrophotos, bluegrass music, technical papers, etc., reside. Hopefully you will find those items listed in a much more organized fashion than in the past.

DreamWeaver has a steep learning-curve but is much more powerful than the Netscape 7.2 composer that I had been using for the older pages.

Lest this quote be lost forever, I am putting it here. I read this long ago and memorized it. It does not appear to exist anywhere else on the internet. Sort of a cynic's view of evolution? :-)

Bertrand Russell: "Life is a disease which attacks matter in its old age when it is too cold to sterilize itself."