Galapagos Island Images

(See also for Susan's links to more photos from this and other trips.)

Actually, these first few images are in Quito, Equador

Observatory in Quito

Observatory in Quito

Telescope in the observatory

Very old Seismograph

Slightly newer Seismograph

Susan and Church in Quito

Water-drip formations in lava tube

Exit from Lava tube

Lava Lizard

Trail to Tortuga Bay beach on Santa Cruz where several thousand people live

Susan on beach

Susan photographing a Marine Iguana

Susan and Marine Iguanas

Susan and more Marine Iguanas

Pelican and cactus.  Note that the cactus "bark" is red like Ponderosa Pine trees.

Lunch after our 6 Km Tortuga Bay Santa Cruz beach walk.

Susan having lunch with friends
(It is illegal to have food on any of the islands with the exception of Santa Cruz and one or two others with permanent human populations.  It was ok here on Santa Cruz though...)

Howard having lunch with friends

And more friends around Tortuga Bay...

The volcano from approximately 5 miles away. 

The volcano through Meade binocular camera

Flamingo on Floreana Island

Tortoises on Santa Cruz

Tortoise on Santa Cruz

Tortuga Bay walk on Santa Cruz

Tortuga Bay walk on Santa Cruz

Susan and tortoise on Santa Cruz

Tortoise and Vermillion Fly Catcher on Santa Cruz

Susan and tortoise


Tortoise that continued on her way after my movie of her.

Santa Cruz scenery

Susan and Sea Lions

And Sea Lion pup

Another Sea Lion pup.  They were SO cute!  Made you want to cuddle them but its not allowed so we did not...

Sea Lion

Marine Iguana
"If ... I ... could ... just ... move ...this ... rock ... out ... of ... the ... way ...

Masked Boobies

Marine Iguana of the more colorful variety

"My feet are ... brown!  Could have sworn they were blue..."

Post Office Barrel on Floreana.Whaling ships used to leave mail here for pickup and delivery by other whaling ships.

Visitors now look through and deliver the mail if it is addressed to somewhere near their home...

Paul, our guide.

Whale bones

Flightless Cormorants

Cactus on lava

Entrance to a sea cave

Inside the sea cave looking out.


Sally Lightfoot crab

How many steps?

Finally, the top

What are YOU looking at?

Red-footed Booby

More red feet

Susan and Frigate Bird chicks

If you are cold, put on a pom-pom

Susan's photograph of me and the tortoise that made me stop making my movie of it by approaching too close. 

Susans photo of Great Blue Heron in downtown Puerto Ayore.

Male Frigate Bird trying to attract attention

Frigate Birds

Frigate Bird accepting a stick offering.

Susan, Sea Lions, and our yacht, the Integrity

Land Iguana that came walking up to Paul.  He said they don't usually do that...

Relaxin' on the trail.

Great Blue Heron

Red-billed Tropicbirds

This Sea Lion had to duck under each wave and appeared to be irritated by the waves.

Frigate Birds - Proud papa to be?

Susan and other in Panga as seen from one of the islands

They usually don't watch this carefully...

Actually these are two males fighting.  Presumably one was passing through the other's territory.

You are lucky I let you by and yes, I do own the whole damn trail...

We have cactuses similar to these in Arizona but they do not have Sea Lions resting under them...

Plumb tuckered...

Can you see the reflection of the photographer (Susan) in my eye?

Swallow-tailed Gull

It's MY trail.  Who's next?

Susan, the crewman who helped her up and down the volcano and the Captain of the Integrity

Paul and Howard before we got on the bus to go to the plane that would take us home.

Galapagos Island Snorkel Images

Pencil Urchins I believe within the crack in the rock.

All the fish I was observing suddenly dived for a crack  in the sea bed.  I wondered why.  Then this sea lion appeared out of nowhere at  high speed to look at me.  Really startled me!

Sea lion swimming around me...

Just hanging around.  Feet out of the water, head down.  Different perspective I guess...
This is a "fur seal" I believe.

Looking me over...

Galapagos Island Videos -  These are Videos, i.e., Movies!

You have to click on them to run them as movies.  If your browser doesn't PLAY these, try a right-click and "Save Link Target As" and save the AVI file.  Then play the file in Windows Media Player...  NOTE:  these files range from 402 kilobytes (relatively small) to 25.5 Megabytes (relatively large) so download time will be significant for some of them if you don't have a "broadband" (high speed) connection such as cable...

Sierra Negra Volcano, after 28 years of dormancy, started erupting our first night on the yacht.  48 hours later, we climbed up the crater to see it.  Totally unexpected, wonderful experience.  I've always wanted to see a volcano in action.  According to my calculations, we were about 5 miles from the vents shown above.  (Crater 6 miles in diameter, we were about 1/4 of the way around the crater from the vents.)  (I changed the CODEC from IV50 to MJPG to match the others so it should play if the others play on your machine...


Galapagos Penguin

Victor and Vanquished - Land Iguanas

Sea Lions - Hill Climbing

King of the Hill - Baby Giant Tortoise Style
(Watch him roll down the hill...  Ouch!)

Clunking down the steps and walking up to me...
(So Then I Yielded...)

Mocking Bird Territorial Boundary Dispute
(They totally ignored us...)

Sea Lion Pups Playing

More Pup Play

Albatross Mating Ritual
(Watch the head movement when one walks to the right)

Frigate Birds Eating Something Near Sea Lions
(Pup is worried...  Thinks he might be on the menu?)

"Darwin's Toilet"  Watch it Flush...

Young Blue-Footed Booby Playing with a "stick"

Another Blue-Footed Booby Chick
(I like the way he looks when he walks...)

Followed by a Mocking Bird that Wants Me to Give it Water.
(I didn't because we are not supposed to...)

Young Bird  Exercising Its Wings

Red-Footed Booby

Bull Sea Lion Blocked Our Path to the Boat
(Clapping is supposed to convince it to move.  This time however,
it charged Paul, our guide.  We all then joined in the clapping
while providing moral support to Paul.  It finally moved away...)

Diving Booby

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